Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers

The Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers, Inc. is a non-profit society of hobbyists interested in the keeping of tropical fish and plants. It is the area's only all variety aquarium club covering tropical and cold fresh- water, brackish, and marine fish in aquaria and outdoor ponds. Founded in 1959 by the late Discus breeder Art Hayley, the club has enjoyed a long history of service to the hobby and continues to receive great support from manufacturers and distributors of aquarium products. Members' interests and expertise range from African Cichlids to Ornamental Goldfish. LTFF, Inc. is a society member of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies and individual members are also members of various specialized societies and study groups.

LTFF, Inc. membership is an inexpensive but important investment for the hobbyist whether inexperienced or expert. LTFF, Inc. offers the hobbyist a valuable resource for information, competition and fellowship. Prominent speakers, programs, and trips along with mini-auctions of donated fish and supplies are features of monthly meetings. A large annual auction is held in September. LTFF, Inc. publishes "THE SCAVENGER" their quarterly newsletter. Several local shops also provide discounts to active members.

Membership cost is $15.00 annual for a family, $10.00 Annual for an individual and $8.00 Junior (under age 18).

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LTFF, Inc. meets on second Sundays of each month at 7:30 PM
Bon Air Branch of the Louisville Public Library
2816 Del Rio Place
Louisville, Kentucky 40220

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The mailing address is:
6815 Carolyn Rd
Louisville, KY, 40214
United States of America
Email contact: John Campbell (jkcjohn@hotmail.com)