Articles of Incorporation of the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers, Inc.

The undersigned incorporators, desiring to form a corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation") pursuant to the provisions of KRS Chapter 273 (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"), executed the following Articles of Incorporation.

Article I - Name

The name of the Corporation in Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers, Inc.

Article II - Purposes

The purposes for which the Corporation is formed are:

  1. To promote and encourage interest in the hobby of aquatic life, and to provide a medium of cooperative oral and written infotmation for the benefit of the general public.
  2. To sponsor public exhibitions and shows.
  3. To maintain aquaria in hospitals and at other non-profit organizations.

Article III - Period of Existence

The period during which the Corporation shall continue is perpetual.

Article IV - Resident Agent and Principal Office

Section 1 - Resident Agent. The name and address of the Resident Agent in charge of the Corporation's principal office is William J. Ehner, 7401 Lanfair Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40222.

Section 2 - Principal Office. The post office address of the principal office of the Corporation is P.O. Box 6774, Louisville, Kentucky 40207.

Article V - Membership

Section 1 - Classes.

  • Family (parents and juniors only) Single
  • Junior (under 18)
  • Corresponding (out-of-town)

Section 2 - Rights, Preferences, Limitations, and Restrictions of Classes.

Family and Single which shall have all the rights and privileges of the Society, including the right to vote and hold office.

Junior which shall have all the rights and privileges of the Society, including the right to vote and hold a Junior Board position.

Corresponding which shall receive club bulletin but' can hold no office.

Article VI - Directors

Section 1 - Number of Directors. The initial Board of Directors is composed of ten (10) members.

Section 2 - Names and Post Office Address of the Directors. The name and post office addresses of the initial Board of Directors are:

  • William J. Ehner 7401 Lanfair Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40222
  • Sarah K. Kelley 104 Woodmore Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40214
  • Bette Klas 11001 Burning Springs Dr., Lou., Kentucky 40223
  • Charles Fackler 2117 Belmont Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40218
  • Julie Leške 3804 Elmwood Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40207
  • Dee Coates 529 Club Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40207
  • Jack Leake 3804 Elmwood Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40207
  • Gary Snyder 8910 Michael Edw. Dr., Louisville, Kentucky 40291
  • David M. Horn 1702 Applewood Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40222
  • Arthur L. Hayley 122 Dorchester Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40223

Article VII - Incorporators

Section 1 - Names and Post Office Addresses. The name and post office addresses of the incorporators of the Corporation are as follows:

  • President - William J. Ehner, 7401 Lanfair Dr., Lou., Ky. 40222
  • Secretary - Bette Klas, 1001 Burning Springs Dr., Lou., Ky. 40223
  • Treasurer - Charles Fackler, 2117 Belmont Rd., Lou., Ky. 40218

Article VIII - Provisions for Regulation and Conduct Of the Affairs of Corporation

Other provisions, consistent with the laws of this state, for the regulation and conduct of the affairs of this corporation, and creating, defining, limiting or regulating the powers of this corporation, of the directors or of the members or any class or classes of members are as follows:

Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws.

Article IX

This corporation shall have all of the powers conferred upon non-profit corporations pursuant to Chapter 273 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes; and all of such powers shall exist in this corporation as fully as if specifically set forth in the Articles.

Article X

Upon the dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Directors shall distribute the assets thereof in accordance with KRS 273.161 to 273.390. The undersigned, being one or more persons, do hereby adopt these Articles of Incorporation, representing before-hand to the Secretary of State of the State of Kentucky and all persons whom it may concern that a membership list or lists of the above named corporation for which a Certificate of Incorporation is hereby applied for, have heretofore been opened in accordance with the law and that at least three (3) persons have signed such membership list.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we the undersigned do hereby execute these Articles of Incorporation and certify the truth of the facts herein stated, this 20th day of April, 1976.

William J. Ehner
Bette Klas
Charles Fackler

Notary acknowledgement:

State of Kentucky County of Jefferson

Before me, David M. Horn, a Notary Public in and for said county and State, personally appeared the above incorporators and severally acknowledged the execution of the foregoing Articles of Incorporation.

David M. Horn, Notary Public.

My commission expires: March 1, 1979

WITNESS my hand and Notarial Seal this day of 1976.